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e6600 Temperature troubles

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e6600 Temperature troubles

Postby ilooner » Thu Jun 14, 2007 2:58 am

Hey, I am having a lot of trouble keeping the temp on my e6600 in bounds.

I have an evga 680i motherboard and 2 x 1GB sticks of OCZ Flex XLC memory. I also have a syth ninja with the stock 120mm fan running on it

Right now I have my processor overclocked to 3.25 ghz with a voltage at 1.26, and it appears to be running stable (I am still doing stress tests with orthos).

My temps right now are about 68 degrees celsius. I don't know how to bring them down. From what I have read it is safe to keep the temps on the e6600 bjust below 70 degrees celsius (cause I guess intel recommends that that only the outside of the heatspreader on the processor should be 60.1, correct me if I am wrong on this). I have tried reseating the heat sink several times now, and I have reapplied thermal compund each time I have reseated the heat spreader. I even took my motherboard out of the comp and strapped on the heat spreader out side of the case to make sure the thing is strapped on right. I am also considering lapping but I will only do this as a last resort. Also there seems to be several other people having the same problem as me on other forums, so do I have a bad chip?

Any tips or ideas as to how I can bring down my temperature would be greatly appreciated
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Postby imposter » Thu Jun 14, 2007 5:29 pm

Those 6600's are suppose to run hot. This does not mean your chip is bad. Your CPu is only bad if it causes instability. Lapping most likely give you very good results, since intel cpu's are rather concave. Just make sure you read up on lapping before you do it =).

welcome to the forums!

PS post up some screen shots of core temp if possible.
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Postby Brian » Mon Jun 25, 2007 9:07 pm

My e6600 is running at 1.4v VCORE and idles about 32C.

And hits high 40's at full load. This is the power of water cooling. If you want to OC alot, you will have to get better cooling. You could get a huge 120mm CPU cooler if you don't have one already, or go water. I have done custom watercooling systems, but right now am using a Robela Titan Watercase, and it has impressed me. The only lacking part is the pump could output a little better but it is adequate.

Also that GHz at your current vcore is very good if it is stable. I had to bring my vcore upto 1.3ish at 3.0 GHz. Every chip is different tho. Also Orthos should be able to run for ~24 hrs they say to ensure full stability.

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