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Help me please.

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Help me please.

Postby CoreTemp-User122 » Sat Feb 14, 2009 12:20 pm

I have a Q9300 and according to everest ultimate my CPU runs at 23' C
core #1 - 70'C
core #2 - 63'C
core #3 - 62'C
core #4 - 62'C

I just bought this computer a few months ago. Its a gateway FX-4710. q9300 at 2.5 ghz, 6 gigs of ram. and an nvidia 9800GT factory overclocked on Vista 64bit. ive used a program "speedfan" to increase my fan speeds but according to everest there has been no significant temp changes even if i run it at 100%. my computer has been randomly shutting off and restarting.. my first guess was the PSU. so i had Gateway send me a new PSU.. did not fix my problem. and i dont want to send it to gateway cuz i would have to pay for shipping. and if im going to spend thirty bucks on shipping i could just buy myself a new CPU cooler for a few more bucks. As of right now my CPU fan has been running at 100% for the last five minutes or so because i told it to via speedfan.

UPDATE: my temps as of now are under a decent load (itunes song converting) -

CPU - 23c
CORE 1 - 62c
CORE 2 - 55c
CORE 3 - 57c
CORE 4 - 58c

No warning. No BSOD. no nothing. i just will reboot. sometimes it takes hours for this to happen and sometimes it barely makes it past the boot screen. and now if i dont have the OS disc in it will say BOOTMGR missing press ctrl alt dlt to restart. please help me its driving me insane!

any thoughts as to what i should do would be much appreciated. thankyou.
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