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My temperatures

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My temperatures

Postby Sporkinator » Sun Mar 30, 2014 10:13 am

I have an Intel Core i5 3570K quad-core processor. I am using the stock cooler. I applied Arctic Silver thermal compound. My idle temps are around 47 C and heavy load temps are as high as 83 C, this is when Windows Movie Maker is exporting a video, and running all 4 Cores at maximum load. I feel like it shouldn't get that hot, even with the stock cooler. I have ordered a CPU cooler, and I'm hoping for max load temps to be no higher than 60 or 65 C once I install it. Are my current temperatures OK though? 83 C no doubt is very hot...
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Re: My temperatures

Postby hax0rmort » Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:23 am

that's WAY too hot. I believe Intel runs hotter then amd during idle, but just know that i'm idling at 9C....... i never even reach your idle temp during max load. i'd put that new cooler on that you bought and MAKE sure you use no more than a grain of rice of the thermal compound. a grain of rice is tiny, that's all you should be using. it will coat the entire surface, promise.

also, you should be cleaning both the cpu sink and copper base for cooler with alcohol or something similar. Use cotton balls and then prime it with thermal compound and a plastic card as shown in many tutorials.
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