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Can't find any information on creating graphs/charts/etc

Postby dutch » Wed May 04, 2011 1:33 am

Situation: I've been looking all over for information that can aid me in creating a graph/chart/etc from CoreTemp data within Excel or OpenOffice.Org Calc. The graph addon for CT is is great and all, but it doesn't really do anything for me if I can't record the data for reference. Any help finding this data both in responses, or links would be much appreciated.

What I'm looking to accomplish: What I want to do is take the data outputted by CT logging, pull it in to either OpenOffice.org (preferred program) or Excel, and make an easy to read chart or graph that will display the temperatures of my CPU cores over a period of time during heavy gaming along with the MHz of the cores that the I7-930 automatically over/underclocks to. If I had to keep alt-tabbing to write down, or take screen shots of the CT UI during gaming, the true results would be corrupted due to the action of alt tabbing. If I used a 2nd display, I would still be corrupting the results because I would be inturupting the flow of the game to write down/view temps.

Why I want to do this? I want to see what temps all my cores are running at, at the different speeds the I7-930 auto under/overclocks them to, over a period of heavy extended gaming. I want to use this data to find out which games I play run at higher speeds/temperatures for extended periods of time so that I can go forth with making an overclock profile for a specific group of games, or even for specific games. I would of course turn those profiles back to default,etc when not gaming.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

PS- OFFTOPIC: I use EVGA Precision Pro to keep track of my temperatures/etc for my GPU but again, I run in to the same situation where I can't record the data, and when I alt tab to view it, it's already cooling/slowing and I just can't procure enough data from gaming as I'd like. If anyone knows a way that I can record those graphs over time that would also help me very much in planning my overclocking profiles for groups of games, or specific games for my GPU.
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Re: Can't find any information on creating graphs/charts/etc

Postby The Coolest » Thu May 05, 2011 10:16 pm

Core Temp already produces a log file, which is Excel friendly, why can't you use it for your reference?
You can also use CTGrapher to create graphs of temps & cpu load over time.
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