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Core Temp as Windows Service / WMI Provider.

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Core Temp as Windows Service / WMI Provider.

Postby coretemp » Sat May 22, 2010 6:39 pm

Thanks for good work... I'm very impressed with this excellent program. It has relatively low memory footprint and works well for me. Keep on good work this way.

So I'd like to suggest some features for future development of the Core Temp. Currently, Core Temp is run as Windows application. So it requires elevated Admin privilege to access information from underlying hardware. (in Win7/Vista)

I think that it would be better to run Core Temp as Windows service daemon. Then, it will not require any special privilege to run on Win7/Vista. And make it work as WMI service provider ( like Hardware Sensors Monitor ) so that other program (script programs like Windows Desktop (Sidebar) Gadgets) can utilize it easily without help of Active-X DLL.

Keep the service part to the minimum memory footprint/functionality and leave out most of the UI, config, overheat protection, add-in and other non-essential features to the application part. Service part should not include other functionalities that can be obtained easily with other system WMI services.

I think that Core Temp should not be yet another clone of SpeedFan, Real Temp, Hardware Sensor monitor, or CPUID Hardware Monitor, etc. They are quite heavy and feature-rich programs (except Real Temp). Core Temp should not follow them in feature set but it should keep it small, simple and light-weight. It would be better concentrating (scarce) development efforts to providing essential hardware informations to the broad users. For IPC purpose, in addition to current shared memory, please utilize event notification so that other application can get notice from the Core Temp.

Again, thanks for your endeavour. I wish Core Temp to be be great piece of software.

Bug report:
The window tray icon seems to have some small glitches. The temperature number on tray icon (other than in black color) is little corrupted on upper side and clipped 1-2 pixel on top and right. (desktop DPI problem?)

PS. If you need a technical help on Windows service or WMI provider programing or programing work in general, I can help you. I am a C/C++ developer.
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Re: Core Temp as Windows Service / WMI Provider.

Postby The Coolest » Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:48 pm


Please excuse the late reply.
Right now I have no plans of providing a Core Temp based service. I know some people may want or even need such an option, but at this time the best I can suggest is setting Core Temp to start with Windows, configure it to start minimized (Settings) and set the system tray icon to display just an icon without the temperature readings.
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Core Temp - Accurate temperature monitor for Intel's Core/Core 2 and AMD64 processors
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