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Postby Bruce Dawson » Fri May 31, 2013 5:16 pm

I use xperf/ETW to record performance about my computer and about customer computers. This lets me see CPU usage, context switches, disk usage, CPU usage, page faults, CPU frequency, etc., all on one timeline.

It would be extremely useful when investigating potential thermal throttling cases (I've come across three of these so far) to have CPU temperature information in the same trace, in the same timeline. I could then correlated CPU temperature with load, and with performance drops (throttling).

Emitting ETW events is quite easy. If nobody is listening for them then they are discarded. If somebody is listening then they are incorporated into the trace. I could provide sample code for emitting temperature events, and I would then modify my xperf/ETW trace record to listen for CoreTemp temperature events.

Logging is the obvious alternative, but that doesn't put the temperature data on the same timeline, so it requires additional work to correlate with other information.

Reply if there is any interest and I can give assistance. I've blogged about xperf/ETW several times here:
Bruce Dawson
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