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Two Bugs, and Two Requests

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Two Bugs, and Two Requests

Postby kelendral » Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:25 pm

Bug - Tray Font Resetting
I've repeatedly set my Tray Font to Terminal 9pt.
Randomly it appears to reset during normal running back to the default font/size.
It also resets upon restart.
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
v0.99.8 64bit
System Tray Settings:
Highest Temperature selected
Font: Terminal Regular 9pt.
Processor Load enabled
--Additional Info
CoreTemp.ini correctly saved changes for Terminal 9pt as:
However the issue above upon loading where the font was reset is constant.
Attempted to try System Regular 10pt
CoreTemp.ini saved that as:
Loading this appeared to reset font to default as well.
Manually modifying the CoreTemp.ini to have:
Loading the program and works correctly displaying the font correctly

Bug - Logitech G15 Setting Getting Lost
While repeatedly and only going to the System Tray tab to set my tray font the Logitech Display Option of "Use Built In Font" becomes unselected.
This can be observed through the CoreTemp.ini as [G15 LCD settings] >BuiltInFont=1; changing to [G15 LCD settings] >BuiltInFont=0;.
Note that the ini will not list a user selected font when this occurs but I believe it is also changing to Tahoma.
After the setting has changed the Logitech G15 display instead of listing the processor data, and per core temps with usage will instead show a display as:
Code: Select all
Temperature readings:
Core 0: 47°C   Core 1: 41°C
Core 2: 42°C   Core 3: 43°C
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
v0.99.8 64bit
Logitech G15 (ver 1)
Logitech Game Panel Manager v3.06.109 08/03/2010

Request - Custom Color For Temperature Ranges
I would really like it if the font coloring could be customize based on my own choices of range.
0+ - White
50+ - Green
60+ - Yellow
70+ - Red
I'd like to be able to adjust the colors and the ranges.
As another example I might want to change the above at my whim to:
0+ - White
50+ - Green
65+ - Yellow
75+ - Red

Request - Display both Temp and Distance to Tj.Max option
Currently the option is to display the temp.
Or to display distance to Tj.Max
53°C to TjMax
It would be great if both values could be displayed at the same time.
The default label field size is large enough to accommodate this.
47°C - 53°C to TjMax

Thanks again for a great app.
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Re: Two Bugs, and Two Requests

Postby The Coolest » Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:52 pm

The font problem is a known bug and it will be fixed with the next release.
I'll have to take your suggestions into consideration for a future version. Right now Core Temp adjusts the temperature colors depending on actual information from the processor.
And I will also consider the TjMax option as well.
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