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Just how bad are these temperatures?

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Just how bad are these temperatures?

Postby Jaycee27 » Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:06 pm

I have an Asus1201N and have been having some shutdown issues with it - unfortunately since I have been travelling I havent done much until I got home and settled in.

It runs an Intel Atom 330
I believe these are it's specs
sSpec Number: SLG9Y
CPU Speed: 1.60 GHz
Bus Speed: 533 MHz
Bus/Core Ratio: 12.0
L2 Cache Size: 1 MB
L2 Cache Speed: 1.6 GHz
Package Type: Micro-FCBGA
Manufacturing Technology: 45 nm
Core Stepping: C0
CPUID String: 106C2h
Thermal Design Power: 8W
Thermal Specification: 85.2°C
VID Voltage Range: .90V-1.162V

Just installed CoreTemp
Here are the readings

Frequency: 1599.86MHz (133.32x12.0)
VID : 1.1625v

TjMax 125.0
Core #0 : 99 to 101oC at 0% to 12% Load
Core #1 : 101 to 104oC at 5% to 7% Load
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Re: Just how bad are these temperatures?

Postby imposter » Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:02 pm

Those are pretty bad temperatures, if your getting random shut downs thats even worse. So follow these steps:

Make sure your fan is spinning, Also Buy a can of compressed air and clean the heatsinks/vents of your laptop. Make sure they are indeed clear. Also always keep your laptop on a hard surface, like a table. Never on your lap or on a bed. Obviously there are always people who insist on leaving there laptop on a bed even though they know its not good for it. If you want to do this, leave it under a book. make sure when the laptop sinks into the bed, it doesn't cover the vents.

if your fan isn't spinning make sure to contact asus to warranty replacements.

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