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Question: When Does A High Temp Need A Remedy

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Question: When Does A High Temp Need A Remedy

Postby JackInCT » Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:30 pm

There seems to be some degree (no pun intended) of subjectivity as to what "should be" the max temperature of a given computer, i. e., before a label of 'there is a problem' is given to it. I presume that lower is ALWAYS better. Do you have any suggestions (or guidelines if you will) re making a determination for a given PC that a high temperature is problematic to the point where it will, sooner or later, affect the longevity of the system (if it's not already affecting performance in some unseen way), and if nothing is found to be amiss upon inspection of the innards of the PC, installing another fan is in order.
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Re: Question: When Does A High Temp Need A Remedy

Postby The Coolest » Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:33 pm

Since Core Temp only monitors CPU temperature I'll give you this simple answer:
As you've said already, the lower the temperature, the better.
But for Intel CPUs, the rule of thumb is always run the processor at least 20C or more below the TjMax value when the processor is at full load.
For AMD processors, this is open for debate.
From my personal experience, usually you'd want temperatures below 60C for best system reliability.
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Core Temp - Accurate temperature monitor for Intel's Core/Core 2 and AMD64 processors
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