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Few questions

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:35 am
by brmcw
1st off, great program, thank you, and I've sent $25.
Questions (re i7 8700K processor with this app):
Row labelled Power: 59.4W 52.6W 0.0W 5.7W 1.3W <- what do those numbers mean

Strange problem (unrelated to the program) hoping someone in this forum might have some ideas: My computer will be rolling along working perfectly and suddenly on the Power & Sleep setup screen in Windows 10 it is set to sleep after 1 minute where I've had it set to Never and it has been working properly for days. I change it back to never but sometime later it will suddenly change back to 1 minute. Any ideas? Now the part that prompted me to get this program. I was running an application that is very cpu intensive and on this desktop system the fan is running a little loud while running this program which is ok and life is good. Suddenly the computer is going to sleep (got changed by something to 1 minute), so I did mouse movements and keyboard taps to wake it up. It woke up and continued right where it left off in the cpu intensive program but there was now zero fan noise. I was concerned so opened Resource Monitor and instead of its usual showing cpu was 102% of Maximum Frequency it said cpu was 47% of Maximum Frequency, presumably because it was getting too hot. With Core Temp I will be better able to see what is happening temperature wise but was wondering if anybody had any ideas regarding the strange behavior?

Thank you,

Re: Few questions

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:25 pm
by The Coolest
Hi and welcome.
Thanks for your support, it's appreciated.

The power fields display the current power consumption of the processor as a whole (left most) and its parts. You can hover the mouse cursor over each field to see what section they are displaying.

I'm not sure what changes your Sleep interval, but it's most likely some rogue program that's doing it. Maybe the CPU intensive application that you are running?
Can't really answer why the fan doesn't come back on after the PC exits sleep, but you can monitor the temperature, processor frequency and load across cores with Core Temp to better understand what is going on.