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Under Reporting on AMD Processors

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Under Reporting on AMD Processors

Postby dmcmillen » Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:21 pm

I have an AMD 8350 processor. From the FAQ and various posts I see that AMD under reports the cpu temp by 10 - 20C (18-36F).
A post by jorge says that per AMD the 8350 tjmax = 70C (158F) and the max 8350 24/7 operating temp = 61.1C (142F).

Two Questions:

1. Is the information by jorge correct on the tjmax and the max 24/7 temp? I have not been able to find anything from AMD on this.

2. I show my temps in Core Temp in Fahrenheit, so in the Options --> Adjust Offsets should I use a Fahrenheit or a Celsius adjustment?

Just curious - anyone know why AMD reports an unknown adjusted value and not an absolute value.

Thanks -- David
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