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Constantly changing Frequency Readings

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Constantly changing Frequency Readings

Postby CALZ-FILES » Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:39 pm

I have used Core Temp on this Toshiba Qosmio I7,(740QM Clarksvield) Windows 7 Professional large notebook.

I watch Core Temp closely when I am editing video. Even had to add a large fan behind the notebook to keep the temps below 90 C.

recently I've noticed the Frequency reading making a lot of rapid changes... ranging from the 900's up to the 2400's?

Is this normal? or is it a clue to something going wrong with the processor?

This notebook has had a good bit of warranty work done.. new motherboard, new fan and heat sink, one HD replaced, Keyboard replaced.
All that during the 3rd year of the warranty. It Has two 500gb HD's.

I work in radio and internet video news....Use it for audio editing with Adobe Audition and Video with Avid Pinnacle Studio...
This notebook has been in use 8-12 hours almost every day since I've had it.(2009)

the 4th core(#3) of the I7 processor always shows a much higher temperature than the others.

IF the I7 needs to be replaced would anyone do that? or buy a new notebook?

Cal Z at the Z-Files
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