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CT - Incorrect temps OR Wow that thermal paste is Good!

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CT - Incorrect temps OR Wow that thermal paste is Good!

Postby Electric Rider » Thu May 29, 2014 7:29 pm

Core Temp shows my minimum temp at 32F !! Here's a picture. It's summer time here in New Orleans and the coldest it could have possible gotten last night was 75F I woke up to seeing this: Image

Yesterday, i changed the thermal paste because I replaced my cooling fan. I ran 3 games at the same time. Oblivion, Thief 4 ( 2014) and Stalker: Lost Alpha - With all 3 running my temps didn't get above 185F. I left the PC sit during the night on the desk and i woke up to these temps. The 32F is very odd enough because thats utterly impossible but sitting idle (yeah.. I know the paste aint That good! LOL) , with no programs running or any scheduled maintenance, I don't know why the temps got into the 190's.

Any clues?
Electric Rider
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Re: CT - Incorrect temps OR Wow that thermal paste is Good!

Postby Jorge » Sat May 31, 2014 4:28 pm

Without knowing what CPU you are using, one can only take a guess. If it's an AMD FX CPU then none of the temp programs show the proper temps except in the 40C-70C range as confirmed by AMD engineering. As a result of the software readout error you can actually have idle temps that read below ambient...

NOTE: CPU max temps are usually listed in Celsius not F so you might want to change the readout to C for convenience.

Unfortunately AMD's latest iteration of "Overdrive" has switched from CPU internal core temp to "thermal margin". Thermal margin is an odd way to look at the CPU temp because you don't actually know what the true temp is. AMD's latest version of Overdrive however uses the incorrect CPU throttling temp (often 70C), instead of the max CPU operating temp. Thus Overdrive can show you still have thermal headroom when the CPU is actually overheated. The latest iteration of Overdrive is a real cluster and not recommended for the obvious reasons stated.

As far as TIM goes the OE AMD/Intel TIM is just fine for most folks and within 2C of the top ~25 TIMs. TIM is only meant to fill scratches and low spots in the heat sink and heat spreader surfaces. More TIM is not as good as metal-to-metal contact so use it sparingly.

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