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About the Tray Icons

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About the Tray Icons

Postby bostjan » Sat Jan 04, 2014 10:14 pm

I just wanted to thank The Coolest for the best temperature monitor out there.
I tested all the competition, and although it may sound strange, the tray icons are an incredibly strong point of Core Temp.

Not only are they fully customizable (colors etc.) - the best thing is they show numbers.
All competing products chose to show graphs for CPU load and RAM usage.

Not only are graphs less accurate and harder to read on the small tray icon - when you go past 4 cores and accumulate a decent quantity of RAM, graphs become completely useless. One core can become fully loaded, and you won't even notice, because the graph won't react at all. Same with RAM - gigabytes can be tossed around without any significant change in graph.

But Core Temp shows numbers and I can clearly read when one core is loaded, and can clearly tell the difference between a lot of RAM being well used and critically full.

So - thank you for a good decision!
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