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Tip for overheating processor

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Tip for overheating processor

Postby jdnimmo » Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:07 pm

My PC kept shutting down - eventually found in the BIOS that the temprature was way off the scale, but a pain to keep rebooting so Core Temp is a god send!

Eventually I got a tip that has identified the cause and solution of my overheating system having installed two case fans and thought about upgrading the processor fan

Took the processor fan and heat sink off, carefully removed the heat transfer compound from the processor and put on new compound, and put it back together again. Went from running at idle around 60C up to shutdown at 90C whenever I tried to do anything that loaded the processor to running at max 45C when running everything I could think of at 100% load!!!!!!!!!

Now I can monitor the processor temprature and know that if it starts to climb again what to do and when to do it thanks to coretemp!

A brill app!!!!
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