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Could Core Temp reading incorrect temperature?

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Could Core Temp reading incorrect temperature?

Postby protech » Sat Feb 26, 2011 8:23 pm

Forum, need your help please.
I downloaded and installed your latest core temp application for windows 7 professional 64-bit machine. Am using a Genuine Intel Atom D510MO motherboard.

the core temp seems incorrect, reads:
TjMax 100c
C0 132C
C1 131C

I know the CPU is well cooled, PLUS I added a fan to the unit
and The heat sink is cool to the touch as well..
Yet I am seeing this kind of CPU core temperature. I do not know what to believe.
If the TjMax is only 100 C, then I should have fried this mother board by now.

Also, Core 1 sometime drops down to 96Degrees C but Core 0 always seems to be around the 132C temperaturel Any idea why I am getting these readings?

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Re: Could Core Temp reading incorrect temperature?

Postby The Coolest » Sat Feb 26, 2011 10:29 pm

I'm not quite sure about the 96c reading, but I'm certain the 131C readings are due to a bug in the current release.
The problem here is that Atom thermal sensors do not seem to be reliable, so they often fail and may report an "invalid" reading, which makes Core Temp add 128C to the readings.
Either way the bug in Core Temp will be fixed in the next release, but I don't see a way to solve the actual problem with the DTS in the Atom chips.
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