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Incorrect Bus Clock

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Incorrect Bus Clock

Postby Paul17041993 » Thu Apr 16, 2015 2:58 am

Coretemp currently reads the bus as fixed to 172MHz on my FX-8150+990FX system, whereas it should read 200MHz, this leads to incorrectly reported core clocks. Other applications, such as HWiNFO, reads the correct 200MHz and correct core states.

Clock multiplier looks to be read normal (range 7x-19.5x all core, 21x peak up to 4 cores).

Final note; it's due to FSB detection being disabled in the advanced options, which is _required_ on the majority of processors, or at least AMD ones. Likely need a fixed refresh for the bus value, else any clock readings will always be incorrect. I don't remember FSB detection being so expensive in previous versions either...

Edit; ok actually, it's not 100% related to FSB detection, if it's enabled and coretemp is restarted it will use almost a full core of CPU time (~10%), be very unresponsive, but also still be locked at 172MHz. Even if the FSB detection is turned off and on again the clock will still be incorrect, but while off coretemp uses no CPU time and is responsive. Firing a refresh does nothing and is permanently locked to 172MHz, have not tested a reboot yet...
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