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Temperature 0 with v1.0 RC6 || AMD-A10 4600M APU(Trinity)

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Temperature 0 with v1.0 RC6 || AMD-A10 4600M APU(Trinity)

Postby fookraa » Wed Oct 08, 2014 11:14 am

Few months back I switched to Linux for some project work.
Before that I was using Windows 7 (64bit) and CoreTemp v1.0 RC6, and It was working just fine, reporting the temperature perfectly.

Yesterday I reinstalled the same windows, Updated it, and used the same portable file of CoreTemp v1.0 RC6 which I had earlier working just fine.
To my surprise the temperature being reported now was 0 degrees centigrade.
Then I downloaded fresh CoreTemp (Tried with both, the installer and portable version) but the problem remains the same, Temperature being reported as 0 degrees. :x ;(

I strongly believe that this has to do something with the windows update, that in these months Microsoft has rolled some patch which now is obstructing CoreTemp to work properly. It would be a great help if this could be resolved ASAP.

If someone may say that I should Disable 'Unlock CPU core' in the BIOS, there is no such thing in my UEFI (never have been).
The firmware is UEFI Insyde F27. I haven't changed any settings.
The only change I did was uninstalled the windows for 3-4 months. That's all.

Processor: AMD-A10 4600M APU(Trinity)
Laptop: HP g6-2313 ax
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