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any software liked Coretemp but supported Celeron processor?

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any software liked Coretemp but supported Celeron processor?

Postby bbmak » Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:49 pm

I am just wondering are there any software liked Coretemp but supported the intel celeron processor?

Here is the processor that I have in my laptop.
http://ark.intel.com/ProductCollection. ... ries=28368
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Postby imposter » Tue Jun 30, 2009 7:21 am

Coretemp reads from the Digital thermal senor ("DTS") on the CPU, If your CPU doesn't have one, Coretemp or any other program can't access what is not there.

before the days of DTS cpu temperatures would be obtained from senors on the motherboard. Current motherboards still have this, but the DTS on the cpu is much closer and much more accurate than it.

also note that DTS on cpu's were not designed so overclockers can know the exact cpu temperature, they were added to protect the processor from over heating. it just so happens there are ways of access the temperatures readings from the sensor through programs like CoreTemp. So its impossible that these temperatures aren't accurate or are only accurate over 50-60C.

if you read these forums, it may seem that These temperatures aren't reliable, but that's is because you are being exposed to the select few in which Coretemp is limited by the actual phsyical sensor itself.

I know a bit off topic, but my point is software such as coretemp is 100% restricted by the physical senor itself and there is no way for software to give results on something that is not there or not working properly.

if you want to monitor your CPU temperatures look on the cd that came with your motherboard they usually have a temperature monitoring program.
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