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A64 Sandy 3700+

Post screenshots of your CPU's TCaseMax rating.

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A64 Sandy 3700+

Postby Travis Dawes from ocforum » Thu Apr 06, 2006 4:59 am

AMD64 TCaseMax - v1.18

CPU Information (CPU #1):
Standard CPUID: Family: F, Model: 7, Stepping: 1
Extended CPUID: Family: F, Model: 27, Stepping: 1
CPUID String: 20F71
Processor APIC: 0
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3700+ (San Diego)
CPU Speed: 2607.36 (248.32 x 10.5)
Revision: SH8-E4
Platform: Socket 939
Startup VCore: 1.400v
Maximum Case Temperature = 55C
TDP: 38.2 Watts

Written by: Arthur Liberman.
Idea by: Petr Koc.
More info at: http://www.thecoolest.zerobrains.com/fo ... c.php?t=83

Max Stable OC is 2.7, benchable is 2.8, bootable is 2.9(approx.)

p.s. that is on water
Travis Dawes from ocforum

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