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Opteron 170 revision F HELP TCASEMAX!

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Opteron 170 revision F HELP TCASEMAX!

Postby gahleon » Fri Apr 13, 2007 7:55 pm

Well guys, i have a bit of a problem I can't seem to get my opteron to go. It says CPUID: 20f32 APICID: 0 Revisino JH-E6 Processor Dual core AMD Opteron 170 (toledo)

It keeps saying tcasemax: 49C and TDP 35.0 watts.

I scoured the net cause I know this is incorrect and AMD64Tcasemax 1.19 doesn't show it correct and core temp 0.95 crashes my system like crazy. How in the hell do I find an accurate Tcasemax


Dual Core Opteron 170
2 gb OZC Platinum DDR 400 2-3-2-5 T1
74 gb WD raptor
400 gb seagate
creative xfi extreme music 7.1
Powercolor x1900xt
Asus a8n sli-premium motherboard latest bios
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