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New releases of the program, and "What's New?"
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Postby The Coolest » Fri Oct 01, 2004 2:15 am

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Download GCPUID 2.0 RC

Download old GCPUID

****************************MAJOR UPDATE****************************
I'm looking for any bugs you can find in it, even the smallest ones. If you find a bug post about it here.
any suggestions on improvement will be welcome.
Thanks for the help.
This is the screenshot of my proc:
RC Ver 2.0.0122.
There was no official release in quite some time, due to me discontinueing the project and starting to work on other things.
I've been updating GCPUID over the time, and decided it was time to publish an updated version.
What's new:
Countless bug fixes and updates.
Newer CPU support to some extent.
Fixed Power Management for Core 2 Duo (and deriviates) processors.
Updated PCI Device list.
Renamed drivers to reduce conflicts with other software.
RC Ver 2.0.0021.
Added command line commands (read ReadMe.txt for more info).
Full support of all currently available Intel and AMD CPUs (including upcoming FX-60).
Added AMD64 TCaseMax/TDP detection in the "Power management" section, simply hit F9 if you have an AMD64 tech chip.
A lot of other updates and bug fixes that I can't even remember.
"Add Memory divider on-the-fly control for AMD64 CPUs" - Now available as a standalone app here.
RC Ver 2.0.0006.
The only update is the auto-refresh feature for CPU speed. An auto-refresh occurs every five seconds, if you want to refresh the whole window, press F5 or click "File" menu then chose "Refresh".
A bug with reporting cache speed was fixed.

To Do list for next release:
Fix Pentium M voltage control
Add Pentium 4 (Prescott) on-the-fly multiplier and voltage control
Add Memory divider on-the-fly control for AMD64 CPUs
Release Candidate Version 2.0.0004 is out.
The biggest change is that GCPUID is now completely made in Visual C++, which means that there is no more need for large run time files like with Visual Basic version and no installation required.
There are numerous updates to the CPU support list:
It supports all latest CPUs.
Including the latest A64 X2s and Pentium D and Pentium XE.
GCPUID can also change Pentium M (Banias and Dothan) multipliers and voltage, there's still some bugs with the voltage part, but multiplier works great.
GCPUID now has a PCI Device list directly in the program so you can see what hardware is installed in your machine, it finally shows the chipset as well (under System). The motherboard information is not ready yet.
Most of the features that Visual Basic version had were preserved. Only the make HTML and copy to clipboard functions are now gone.
*Please read the Readme.txt for extra info.
So go ahead and try it out!

Version 1.9.0192 is out.
Confirmed Turion 64 support.
Added Athlon64 X2 support, dual core opteron support.
Added a register dump option (Click on the 'HTML' icon, select "Save text output", click ok and you should have an "Output.txt" file either in the program's folder or the folder you ran the shortcut)
Added PCI Scan function, it can detect all PCI devices (this includes chipset, onboard devices and AGP).
Intel CPUs, starting the Pentium Pro (all supported AMD CPUs have a string name), will now be given a "Name String", this field will no longer say "N/A".
Rewrote part of code that's responsible for Intel CPU recognition for much better compatibility, and broader CPU support*.
Fixed/Added mobile platform detection.
Fixed a small bug on K7/K8 FID VID window, when you change the FID, now the speed will automatically refresh.
*Still no Pentium D or Pentium XE support, working on it.
Version 1.9.0171 is out.
Added new 90nm Rev E chips from AMD to the list.
Added some Dual Core Athlon64 X2 and Opteron support, the model number might not be correct on the A64 X2, and the Opterons will show 1xx, 2xx or 8xx, depending on the type of chip.
Added Bus speed detection for all K8/K9 chips! From now on you can also see your bus speed.
Fixed a few problems with the driver. Now the driver only loads once when you start the program, instead of constantly starting and closing when needed (Makes the program faster, use less memory, and "Better written").
Rewrote and improved some code for better compatibility.
Version 1.9.0133 is out.
Added support for all 90nm Rev E chips from AMD.
Added recognition for different types of P4 XEONs and the different sockets.
Rearanged the main screen:
The supported instruction sets were moved up, and now only take up one line, it only states the supported instruction sets.
AMD PR rating field removed, it only worked on K7s and it was very inaccurate... L2 Cache Ratio, moved to the Cache Info page.
Changed the appearance of all the labels in the program to sleaker looking ones.
I hope you like this new layout. I changed it because I wanted to conserve space, so I could add more features later in the future, but didn't want the size of the window grow any larger than it already was. The layout redesign helped me reduce the size of GCPUID by a very large margine.

It could still have some bugs, related to the GUI, if you find any bugs please post them here: http://www.thecoolest.zerobrains.co...wforum.php?f=23
Version 1.9.0122 is out.
Nothing major in this release.
Added support for any 130nm K8 chip (like the all the weird XP-Ms and Semprons) and all D0 stepping 90nm K8 chips (like s754 Semprons). Hopefully will correctly detect and supply info on the upcoming Venice cores and other E revision K8 chips.
Added support for 6xx series prescott chips.
Fixed a few bugs.
The Installable is yet to be updated (so use this link to get the updated version), but we're at version 1.9.0117 at the moment.
I fixed a bunch of GUI bugs and I added a "Version" field by the "Processor" field, this is supported on all AthlonXP processors and up, apparently this version this could determine some differences in overclockability of a processor, without relying too much on the stepping code. The later the version, the better the CPU will usually OC. This only implies to two identical CPU cores/revisions I believe. i.e. a Barton started from Ver 0.2, like mine, then there were versions 0.10 - 0.15, the 0.15 is pretty rare from what I heared. I wouldn't be surprised if all those guys doing 2.7Ghz on air with reasonable vcores are running 0.13-0.15 core versions.
The Installable is yet to be updated (so use this link to get the updated version), but we're at version 1.9.0113 at the moment.
All problems with P4 EE and ES are solved. any P4 ES will show "(ES)" at the end of "Name String" field. I made a few improvements in the code, and added multiplier ranges (where applicable), if you have a mobile XP or any A64 (not Opteron), or p4 ES or those odd prescotts that have x14 multi unlocked (not tested on these tho), it should show the range of available multipliers (Just look at the screenshot above).

I might start adding support for the VIA chips as well. If I find the docs I need it shouldn't take too long for the VIA chips to be supported as well.
The Installable is yet to be updated (so use this link to get the updated version), but we're at version 1.9.0102 at the moment. Added support for 90nm AMD CPUs, added support for these weird XPs on socket 754. Fixed the P4 EE problem GCPUID has had forever.
Currently need testers with any P4 ES that is a Northwood or Prescott, GCPUID should add "(ES)" in the "Processor" field. (Please post pics)
Added check for Intel x86-64 support and SSE3.
Some code improvements, GCPUID will show the Name String of any Intel CPU that has one.
Added multiplier/FSB/BUS detection on Pentium Ms, added the 2MB L2 cache support on Dothan Pentium Ms.
Added BrandID field on the program's window, if BrandID exists, it'll be shown.
Added an option to export all info to an HTML file.
Probably some other improvements I can't really remember anymore.
Hopefully NewCastle should be supported. Added semi-support for the new s754 Semprons and AthlonXP-Ms.
Tried to add 90nm AMD CPU support. I hope it'll work.
A couple of bug fixes, added support for NewCastle, but it seems to have a problem running them (Errors out with "CPU is not supported"). Working on fixing this issue.
Also added my paypal address if someone wants to donate money for further development. Its in the "About" window
Nothing major, I just made a normal installation for GCPUID. Just download the zip file, extract it and install. It contains the newest version and the run times needed for it to work.
Added command line commands, ability to set multiplier/vcore with only one click (or double click ;)).
Read the Readme.txt file carefully for the instructions!
Added Prescott, P-M and Celeron M support,
Rearranged some code for better Intel CPU identification,
Fixed some little bugs.
It now supports frequency & voltage control changing on the K7 and K8 CPUs, basically if you have a mobile AthlonXP or any Athlon64 you will be able to manipulate your CPUs frequency right from within windows!
Note: For AthlonXP modded to mobile to work in a desktop mobo, it must be SiS/VIA (KT266 or newer) chipset board and the FID Command Detect must be enabled!
Fixed the refresh bug (if you refreshed the program would mess up),
Added Win9x (95,98,ME) support
****************************MAJOR UPDATE****************************

I really hope you like this proggy and if you want to post pics or Copied info you can easily do it here.
Tip: If you can convert the BMP file into PNG, you'll have the best quality:size ratio.
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