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Various bad ideas, taken into action

Tell about any horror stories you've been through (doesn't have to be hardware related)

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Various bad ideas, taken into action

Postby Brian » Mon Jun 25, 2007 8:51 pm

I have killed my fair share of hardware.

I ruined a brand new DVD+R Burner the first week they came out. It cost me 300$US, and only took one hotswap removal to ruin it.

I pulled my waterblock of an OCed Athlon XP 2600+ and it lasted about 0 seconds. I was trying to re-route a line and thought if I took it off for 1 second it'd make it (I have done this before.) I was wrong this time.

I accidently let my resevoir freeze and the water stopped pumping. Not only was the CPU fried, so was the pump. (The resevoir was in a mini fridge that got "too cold" and froze it. It even had water-wetter in it.)

I have fried numerous RAM sticks, because I am too lazy to find static free bags, so I put them in plastic ziplock bags (this is never a good idea, ziplock style bags are static factories.)

I'm sure I have done other stupid things that broke stuff, but for the most part, I have disconnected/connected almost every peice of a computer while it is running (do not do this, you can easily ruin parts, and get some hard shocks.)

P.S. I am a certified PC technician, so the way I figure it, I have fixed way more than I have ruined. I also havn't had the pleasure of ruining any customers computers yet.

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Postby imposter » Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:27 pm

Hmm. Lets see, ruined a cd bunner by pulling off the front panal and taknig some of the cd rom with it. screwed up the cd rom track (Fresh off RMA)

ummmmmm in a customers pc, the ram didn't lock in so push harder and DIMM Slot broke.

forgot to push that little graphics card lever, so that thing broke off.

Umm. broke a old socket a heatsink cuz it was cheap. pressed on oneside (With a little force) and it just cracked.

thats about it..
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