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Kernel Mode Driver

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Kernel Mode Driver

Postby The Coolest » Sun Feb 23, 2003 5:57 pm

I am making my own CPUID and got most of what I wanted working now all that I have left to do is get the multiplier and FSB info. to do this I have to write a kernel mode driver, but as I never done this before I am really lost. I need this to work in both Win9x and WinNT/2k/xp but from what I see in Win2k DDK the only samples are for Win2k, as the functions (or whatever they are) begin with NTSTATUS. I am really confused and need some help. I understand that you can't personally help and write articales on the basics of drivers, but a link to where I can learn the basics of drivers would be nice. Also if what I'm looking for is rather simple please explain to me what I have to do to make this thing. I don't have too much time to learn everything as I'm looking just for something specific.
I can't understand how do I call functions and what do the DriverObject and the "registrationpath" do. I see there are no variables there, and wondered how would I go about returning values and integrating the driver with my main program.
Any help is greatly appriciated
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