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CPU required for special project

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CPU required for special project

Postby The Coolest » Mon Feb 21, 2005 5:27 pm

As some of you guys already know, I have made a program that identifies your CPU and gives you a lot of info about it, GCPUID (my sig).
Right now I am starting a new project. I'm building an HTPC, which I want to use little power and run cool when it just idles. For this I intend to write a program, maybe even make it a service or a driver, which will run on any AthlonXP system that has PowerNow! enabled (basically any mobile CPU or a CPU moded into a mobile), and dynamically control the CPU speed depending on CPU load, for example if your system idles (0-3% load) the CPU will run at the lowest setting which is x4 (or whatever the user chooses), and when the load is 100% it will automatically clock it back up to full speed.
For this project I am going to use the second system in my sig, which has a KT266A chipset which supports multiplier on the fly changing, but the thunderbird CPU is both too hot and uses a lot of power to be suitable for such an application.
So basically what I am looking for is someone to donate an AthlonXP CPU, it could be any AthlonXP, even a Palomino, although I'd much rather use a TbredB or a Barton, because these can be undervolted a lot better at stock speeds, thus reducing even further the power consumtion and heat output.
I will fully credit the person who donates the CPU in the About section of the program.
This program will then be available to download to anyone for free, just like GCPUID.

Here is how the Wattage numbers are going to look, comparing a chip at full speed and a chip running at 533MHz (133x4), also you have to note that this calculation is correct for a CPU at 533MHz and 100% full load, which in reality will never happen, thus the actual watts used will be in the single digit area.

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